Food Security & Nutrition Education

Local Catholic Charities provide food security and nutrition education

At least 4 million low income Californians struggle with food insecurity. Food security for all Californians is a priority for Catholic Charities of California. Since 2009, Catholic Charities of California has led a statewide effort to enroll individuals into CalFresh. Local Catholic Charities Organizations have prescreened over 373,00 households and assisted more than 29,000 households to apply for benefits. Services are provided in 23 counties, from Humbolt to Imperial.

Catholic Charities also provides clients with the knowledge, skills, and motivations to make healthy food and beverage choices within a limited budget and choose active lifestyles to decrease the risk of chronic health-related diseases, including obesity. Since 2013 Catholic Charities of California has led a statewide program to provide SNAP-ED Nutrition Education. Local Catholic Charities Organizations have provided nutrition education to approximately 110,000 individuals in 23 counties. Local Catholic Charities Organizations participating in this program include Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa, Monterey, Stockton, Fresno, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Solano, San Bernardino-Riverside, and Northern Valley Catholic Social Services. Catholic Charities of California is the only nonprofit that is funded by the State for these services.