Camino de Santiago, Via Francigena, The Way of St. Francis, Mexico & Cuba – Participate in our walking and non-walking pilgrimages

Join one of our pilgrimages in Spain, Italy, Mexico or Cuba!

Pilgrimage is a transformative experience, filled with life-long memories, spiritual renewal, and adventure. A portion of the cost of each pilgrim’s trip also supports the work of Catholic Charities of California providing crucial services to Californians in need — a win, win, win!

About Us

Catholic Charities of California, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit representing the 12 diocesan Catholic Charities organizations in California.

Catholic Charities is the social services arm of the Catholic Church and serves over 1 million Californians in need every year. Catholic Charities takes great pride in serving others effectively and efficiently. CCC’s administrative costs are extremely low— 7%.

Join us for a pilgrimage that will change your life while supporting the work of Catholic Charities of California…

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Local Catholic Charities proudly serves immigrants

Local Catholic Charities Organizations in California proudly serve immigrants in communities across the State. For over 60 years, these services have included everything from emergency food and housing assistance, to mental health counseling, to professional legal services.
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Awarded new grant to provide legal representation for unaccompanied, undocumented minors in crisis

Catholic Charities of California has received three consecutive awards from the Department of Social Services to serve unaccompanied, undocumented minors (UUMs) in California, where for decades, Local Catholic Charities Organizations have been providing these services. Most of these children are in crisis; they have survived dire hardships, including abuse, hunger, gang violence, and parental abandonment. Some are victims of sex or labor trafficking.
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Local Catholic Charities improve access to healthcare

Research shows that increasing access to healthcare reduces poverty. ¹ Reducing poverty in California is a priority for Catholic Charities of California and Local Catholic Charities Organizations. For decades, Local Catholic Charities Organizations have assisted lower-income Californians to enroll in health coverage and access essential health services.
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