A Spiritual Transformation

Catholic Charities of California invites you to join a seven-day walking pilgrimage to Rome! Move from “tourist” trip and actually experience the life and beauty of Italy. Each mile walked weaves through off-road and ancient Roman routes, with stops in several different cities. Pass through hill top villages, Etruscan and Roman remains, and papal palaces. Montefiascone is home to the famous Est! Est!! Est!!! Wine. Viterbo is the best preserved medieval town in the Lazio region. Bathe in Bagnaccio’s thermal pools, and discover the Roman amphitheater in Sutri. Take a break and dip your feet in the Monte Gelato waterfalls. The Via Francigena is a beautiful walk with transformative powers to renew and connect with yourself and those around you spiritually.

An Experience With Benefits

Today, the Via Francigena is a lesser-known pilgrimage route, but offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel along a historic route the ancient romans walked while delivering a unique spiritual experiences. Historically, this pilgrimage gained increasing importance among European Christians between the first and second millennium. Christian holy places included Jerusalem, Rome and Santiago de Compostela. The Via Francigena—the road from France—became the central hub of pilgrimages, also known as the great ways of faith.

Walking the Via Francigena goes beyond a normal travel experience, rooted in both a physical and spiritual transformation. It is an opportunity to unplug and be one with your surroundings and fellow travel mates – you can create your own experience on the trail, and walk at your own pace. Everyone is invited to share in this journey. This trail has become increasingly popular, so this is an opportunity to take advantage before the crowds appear!

Plus, your travels will not only benefit you, but your community as well.  A portion of the cost of your trip supports crucial services for Californians in need.

Choose A Date

2018 2019
June 3-9
September 14-20
September 9-15

Cost: 7-Day Pilgrimage

2018 2019
$1,800 Double Occupancy
$2,000 Single Occupancy
Deposit is $300
$2,050 Double Occupancy
$2,250 Single Occupancy
Deposit is $300

Detailed Itinerary

With each stop, you’ll get closer to finding your stride. The opportunities to meet people from all over the world, take in sights that have been preserved for hundreds of years, and relish in an experience that is focused on bettering your soul and mind will be an unforgettable one. Each person’s journey is unique – come discover yours!

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