Storm Assistance For Immigrants (SAI)


Storm Assistance For Immigrants (SAI)

SAI provides case management and direct monetary assistance to undocumented households impacted by the winter storms of 2022-23. The Catholic Charities statewide network delivers outreach, screening, case management, and direct aid to impacted, undocumented households.

In 2023, SAI providers have facilitated aid distributions totaling $52,640,569 to households encompassing 34,144 adults and 2,848 children.

Participating Agencies:

  • CBDIO (Madera)
  • Community Action Board of Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
  • East Bay
  • El Concillio (San Joaquin)
  • Fresno
  • La Familia (Sacramento)
  • Merced County Community Action Agency (Merced)
  • MICOP (Santa Barbara)
  • Monterey
  • Northern Valley Catholic Social Services (Nevada)
  • Proteus (Tulare)
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz Community Ventures (Santa Cruz)
  • Santa Rosa
  • Stockton
  • TODAC (San Bernadino)
  • UFW Foundation (Ventura)

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